Concise Repositories

autoArchLinux bootstrap and partitioning scripts, with a selection of WM and DEsConnor Etherington2022-06-17
autolinuxA riced spin on Suckless DWMConnor Etherington2023-06-01
auto-stConcise Build of Suckless Simple TerminalConnor Etherington2022-05-28
btcliA simple, easy to use, CLI bluetooth connections managerConnor Etherington2022-12-18
clipdlA simple script for downloading videos from linkss coppied to your primary clipboardConnor Etherington2022-11-13
editenvA simple command line tool for conveniently storing and editing environment variables.Connor Etherington2023-11-22
lfpA wrapper for the lf file manager with in-terminal media previews, on-exit directory changing and much moreConnor Etherington2023-11-21
lockitSimple script that makes use of GPG to encrypt and decrypt files and foldersConnor Etherington2023-11-24
navA means of quick navigation through directories in the CLIConnor Etherington2023-09-04
pmanA minimal CLI download manager for all major package managers and URLs/TorrentsConnor Etherington2023-01-02
ptrackA simple CLI utility for asthetically tracking progress when copying, moving or downloading files.Connor Etherington2023-11-21
qcopyEasily save important snippets such as passwords for quick access copying at any pointConnor Etherington2023-05-09
qedQuick Edit - A CLI tool to quickly edit and save files saved slots 1-10Connor Etherington2022-12-01
repoupA git repository updater and managerConnor Etherington2022-11-13
saywoofno description availableConnor Etherington2023-08-02
snipA simple snippet manager for your predefined Ultisnips Snippet DirectoryConnor Etherington2023-09-29
stConcise Build of Suckless Simple TerminalConnor Etherington2022-05-28
terminal-headersColor scripts providing a fun greeting when opening a terminal or reloading your shellConnor Etherington2023-04-26
toolkitA toolbox for the CLI, rapidly speeding up file editing and data management processes.Connor Etherington2023-11-11
web2deskA means of creating desktop applications from websites/webappsConnor Etherington2023-03-17
yt-cliA CLI YouTube client, with buit-in search and download capabilities.Connor Etherington2023-10-28